Monday, December 23, 2013

Call for Authors

This blog is constantly under construction!  Check back weekly for new ideas.  Each link (to the right) has multiple lesson plans in a blog-style format: click on the link and just keep scrolling down for more.

I want to try a new experiment: a shared blog!  If you have a great idea (from a quote you love, to an object lesson that worked for you, to an entire lesson plan) to share on any of the lesson topics, I'd love to have you become an author on this blog. 
  • Send your complete written idea to me at  
  • Include the month and complete lesson topic title from the "Come, Follow Me" curriculum
  • Reference all scriptures and quotes, preferably with a link to the original source.
  • Leave your signature at the bottom like this:  --Nancy Jensen, Logan, Utah
  • I'll preview it, and if it's doctrinally sound, I'll post it on the appropriate page.
  • I'll then make you an author on the blog and you can post directly whenever you feel like it!
  • I retain the right to grammatically edit all entries, to delete anything inappropriate, and to remove any authors from the website who post questionable material.  (If you're unsure whether something is appropriate, you can always e-mail it to me first.)
I know there are a lot of amazing teachers out there, and you are probably one of them, so join me!