Sunday, January 5, 2014

Three Reinforcing Activities

There are quite a few scriptures that I am always trying to find, but never can quite remember the reference.  I wish I had them memorized!  Time to start solving that problem!  I have picked out 12 scriptures that correlate with the 12 principles and I have printed them up on small bookmarks for the students to keep in their scriptures.  (I made extra for when one gets lost!)  At the beginning of each lesson (except fast Sunday, which is when I will introduce a new scripture) I will ask for three to four volunteers to recite the scripture.  If they can do it, they get a mini candy bar.  By the end of the month, hopefully everyone will have had a chance.  Kids who struggle with memory can go at the end of the month so they have more time.

Pop Quiz
Last year I did this a couple of times and it worked great.  This year, I think I'll do it every week.  During sacrament meeting, I wrote down a few questions about what the speakers said.  Then at the beginning of Sunday School, I asked the students those questions.  Correct answerers get a stick of gum, and everyone will learn to pay attention and remember the concepts taught in sacrament.

Review Game
Every three months or so, we have a review lesson in which we play a game like Jeopardy or Chalkboard Baseball.  Students have to answer questions about the material we've been discussing in class.  This is a big hit, and I've been pleased at how much more the students have retained.  To make this easy, I have a bunch of cards already cut to size, and at the end of the lesson, I just write a question and answer on one of the cards.  Then, when it is review time, everything is already prepared.