Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chocolate Scriptures

Here is a great treat idea:  Chocolate Scriptures!  Complete directions at Raising a Kumquat.

Here is what I am thinking of doing:
  • Make a big box of these with different scriptures written on them.
  • On the first Sunday in July I will have the kids each write their own Book of Mormon reading goal on a 3x5 card and give the card to me.
  • For strong readers, I will issue the challenge to read 10 pages per day.  At that rate, they can finish the Book of Mormon by the end of summer.  For slower readers, I will issue the challenge to read for 30 minutes each day (encouraging them to actually set a timer so they can pay attention to their reading rather than their clock). But ultimately, I will leave it up to them to decide upon their own goal.
  • Each following Sunday I will have them write on the card what page they are on in their Book of Mormon (since they bring them each week, they should be able to just check where their bookmark is), and return the card to me again.
  • If they have made kept up with their goal, they get one of these chocolate scriptures (if it's not a Fast Sunday--As a parent, I find it really frustrating when my kids' teachers' give them treats on Fast Sunday). 
  • Encourage them to do double reading on Sundays to get ahead, just in case something throws them off on another day of the week.


  1. you do make the candy or are they bought chocolates?

  2. They are Hershey's Treasures. Already wrapped in gold foil, put two together on a little piece of black cardstock to make the scriptures.

  3. If you click on "Raising a Kumquat" at the top of the post, you can see step-by-step directions.


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